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We all know that first impressions matter, but have you ever thought of that translating to pictures of your home? When you’re trying to sell your home, pictures are often one of the first things, if not the very first, that potential buyers look at. If you don’t have pictures that make a great first impression, most people won’t take a second look. Making that first impression count matters, but good real estate photography will do more than just that. When you have good pictures of your home, you’re more likely to sell it faster and for more money.

With so much dependent on high-quality photos of your home, you might be wondering how to get them. Should you take out all your throw pillows? Do you leave your personal mementos out? We’ll go over some of the best advice for how to get incredible real estate photos that can make all the difference in selling your home.

What to Do to Get the Best Photos of Your Home

Invest in Professional Photography

When it comes to selling your home, the more pictures you have, the better. There is a caveat, though: these pictures need to be high quality. Even if you have many decent pictures, they won’t do the trick. Your pictures need to look sleek and interesting, and the best way to do this is to invest in professional real estate photography.


A clean home is an attractive one. No one wants to see a home that’s already well-used or dirty. Take the time to clean your home deeply and thoroughly. You’ll want to pay extra attention to minute details. After all, potential buyers are going to notice what isn’t cleaned rather than what is.

You’ll also want to invest more time in places that might not get cleaned as often. Be sure to clean door handles, ceiling fans, cabinets, blinds, and under sinks. While you clean, don’t forget to check that everything is working correctly.

Find a Balance

One of the most challenging aspects of a home photoshoot is deciding how full or empty each room should be. The trick is to find a balance between looking lived in and being empty. A cluttered room will throw off a potential buyer, no matter how nice the room is. On the other hand, potential buyers need to be able to see that the room is a livable space. An empty room makes it hard for people to envision what it would look like when it’s filled.

If you’ve already moved out and have nothing in the house, consider hiring a professional stager. A home stager or professional decorator can make your home look stunning. According to the National Association of Realtors, 83% of people said that home staging made it easier for them to visualize living in that home. Additionally, staged homes spend less time on the market than their counterparts. The 2020 home staging statistics of the Real Estate Staging Association states that staged homes spend an average of 23 days on the market.

Consider Time of Day

Different elements of your home may look better at certain times of day than others. Find what times work best for each space to get the best picture results. If you aren’t sure of which times are best, contact your real estate photographer. They’ll likely be able to come to your property before the actual shoot and scope it out. Professional real estate photographers are trained to keep an eye on lighting and will be able to find the right time to take pictures of your house.

Work with Great Realtors

The process of selling your home has many aspects that can make it seem overwhelming. When you’re ready to sell your house, work with real estate professionals to relieve the burden of going through the process on your own. The realtors at Davis Coleman have a wealth of experience in selling real estate. We can advise you on photography, staging, and more! Contact us today to make the entire real estate process work for you.