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Are you becoming discouraged in the house hunt? Do you feel that finding the right house for you is a little like going on hundreds of dates to find your one-in-a-million soulmate? You aren’t the only one who feels that way. Just like people, houses are often more than meets the eye. They aren’t always perfect. Sometimes, you have to let go of the idealized dream home in your mind and focus on what you need.

If you feel like you’re stuck in the search, you’ve come to the right place. We have some tips on expanding your search to help you find a house that fits your standards, stays within your price range, and has the charm to become a forever home. Sometimes the house of your dreams is waiting just around the corner.

Rewrite Your Dating Profile

If you have ever used a dating app, you know that what you say you’re looking for will only attract people who fit your written description. When your profile is vague, you end up with too many options that might not appeal to you. If you’re too specific, it becomes harder to find a match.

Making a profile for your real estate agent is surprisingly similar. If you are not prioritizing your needs over your wants and you only give your agent a vague description, you will have a hard time finding your dream home. The best method to quickly narrow down options is to provide a concise profile of what you are looking for. Decide what your priorities are. Would you rather have an extra bedroom or an extra bathroom? Would you rather the property be closer to schools or closer to your work? If you’re having a hard time finding a house that matches all your specifications, then pick which attributes are most important to you.

Dropping the bar a little lower doesn’t mean you have to let go of those dreams completely. It simply allows your real estate agent to cast a slightly wider net. Remember, there are lots of fish in the sea, and your fish might not have a pool and a third bathroom.

Up Your Game

In the (human) dating world, sometimes another date makes a better first impression. This is even more difficult in the online world, considering the way you say “hello” might alter someone’s perception of you. Luckily, the real-estate world is a little more straightforward. Talk to your real estate agent about why houses might be slipping through your fingers. Are you under-bidding when other buyers are going over the asking price?

Unfortunately, not making the right impression in the housing market often comes down to your offering bid. If you’re able to, raising your budget enough to bid over asking prices can greatly increase your chances of approval. We highly recommend you get a pre-approval letter from your lender. It will save the seller’s time and prove that you are dependable and serious about commitment. A solid strategy is to make your asking price contingent on an appraisal. That way, if you’re going slightly over budget, any problems an inspector may find will give you bargaining room.

The housing market is highly competitive, but that does not mean every house taken off the market will be gone forever. Remember what you offered and be prepared to raise your price in case your competition falls through.

Try Going on a Blind Date

Hear us out. Yes, sometimes blind dates are completely wrong for you. Perhaps not every well-meaning aunt or socialite friend knows exactly what you’re looking for. However, our real estate agents work to get to know you and your priorities. If you followed the above advice, we have a profile of what your needs and wants are, and we know your style. Your real estate agent might stumble upon a property that, while not exactly what you were looking for, fits your essential needs and has features you never even considered.

Finding your dream home after a long and arduous hunt will require an open mind. Maybe the house is further outside the city than you wanted or a little older than you would like, but you never know! You may walk into the house and immediately feel at home. Try to stay optimistic and let us work our matchmaking magic.

The One is Worth Waiting For

We know you’re tired of hearing this but be patient. Most people don’t meet their soulmate on their first date! Any dating advice column will tell you that long-lasting love is worth waiting for, and the same goes for your dream house. Sure, you can rush things and move into a house that isn’t what you want or need, but what if you find the perfect listing tomorrow? What if you find it next week?

Keep looking. Remember how exciting this process was in the first place! It’s still exciting, and you’re way closer to your new home than you were when you began this journey. Trust that your real estate agent is working hard to find everything you’re asking for. In the meantime, post about your search on social media. Send a few dream addresses to your real estate agent, and they can reach out to the homeowner. They may be thinking about selling, and you will be ahead of the game.

Missing out on the perfect home can feel a little like heartbreak but remember to keep your heart open. Your soulmate future home might not be what you dreamed of—it might be even better. When you’re ready to find the one, turn to our friendly experts at Davis Coleman. We know the house hunt like no one else and can help you find your perfect match. Contact us today!