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Once you’ve made the decision to sell, you don’t want to spend forever waiting on an offer. You also don’t want to settle for the first offer to come your way because it’s been so long in coming. Instead, your goal should be to get a much better offer sooner.

What’s the trick to sell property quickly and at a great price? Actually, the trick is no trick at all. There are a few things homeowners can start doing today in order to sell their real estate property fast.

Experts at Davis-Coleman Realty share their tips for selling real estate, especially in the Heber City and Midway areas, some of Utah’s prime locations for selling. Sell your house faster with these tips from our experienced Utah realtors.


This should go without saying, but we’ve run into many sellers who fail to clean their homes to the degree that will attract rather than distract home buyers. Don’t neglect to clean those forgotten areas of your home, like cupboard shelves, garages, attics, and crawl spaces, on top and beneath appliances, etc. To say your property should be spotlessly clean would be an understatement.


Nothing wards off a potential buyer quicker than filth and clutter. While cleaning your property, find everything and anything you can throw out or put away until you move into your new place. This helps to make your space feel bigger, especially counter spaces and overcrowded closets! By decluttering, buyers not only are more at ease in the atmosphere, but also feel like their own belongings can fit inside.

Invest in Professional Photography

When the first impression many buyers will have of your property lies with its listing’s photographs, you better have some pretty good ones to catch their eye. In an effort to save on costs, too many sellers don’t turn to professional photographers when creating a real estate listing. But you may even save more (and sell for  more!) by paying a professional to take photographs of your home for its initial listing.

Stage Your Property Before Listing It

Home staging refers to furnishing or rearranging your home in a style that appeals to more buyers. But the key here is to not wait until months after you’ve put your home on the market to consider staging it. In fact, one study showed that property owners who staged their homes before creating a property listing received offers in under a month, which was 90% quicker than other homeowners who waited to stage.

Hire a professional home stager or talk with your Utah realtor about any staging suggestions they may have. With something as important as this, you don’t want to leave it up to chance. Such experts will understand what buyers in your particular market are looking for, such as buyers in Midway and Heber City, so that you can appeal to the right audience.

Make Your Home…Homey

Another key to staging is to make your home feel like a comfortable place to live. In other words, make it feel like home, a place where people can gather and feel relaxed. Most real estate agents and stagers will recommend staging in a way that helps buyers to envision themselves in your space.

Take down some of your family’s random paraphernalia, but not all of it. Set the table, or keep up a few decorations during the holidays that make your space feel livable and inviting.

Sell Your Midway or Heber City Real Estate

For additional pointers on selling real estate properties, especially in Heber City or Midway, UT, contact the experts at Davis-Coleman Realty. We have years of experience preparing properties to sell faster within Wasatch County and other Utah locations. Get started creating a listing for your residential or commercial property with the best real estate brokerage on your side!