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The holiday season is here again, and children all around the world are eagerly making their Christmas wish lists to share with parents, grandparents, and Santa Claus. Popular wants this year probably include dolls, slime, a bike, or even big-ticket items like AirPods. While making a Christmas wish list is an annual tradition for anyone under the age of 13, adults are less likely to participate. However, if you’re thinking of buying a home anytime soon, there’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit and prepare for house hunting than by creating a new home wish list.

Creating a new home wish list can be a fantastic way to prepare to house hunt effectively, as well as a fun activity to complete as a family. If you have children, we recommend getting them involved as well—they’ll enjoy having a voice in the process, and it will likely make a future move less frightening or stressful for them.

Consider Your House

After spending so much more time at home in 2020, you’ve likely become acquainted with your home on a deeper level than before. Odds are, you know exactly which aspects of your current home you love and which are inconvenient, annoying, or aesthetically unpleasing. This is the time to do a walkthrough and consciously record these thoughts. How do you feel about the number of bedrooms, the size of the laundry room, the placement of the windows, or the crown molding by the stairs? Do you notice a lack of space in any key areas, or do you have a new need for a home office? Cataloging these thoughts will help you put together a precise outline of need-to-haves and need-to-not-haves for any potential new homes.

Consider Your Outdoor Space

Next, do the same thing with the outdoor space, if you have it. If you have a yard, be honest with yourself: is it worth the caretaking? Or maybe you’d like an even larger space for dogs to run or children to play. What is your parking situation like? What elements need to be updated or worked on to improve the overall exterior look of your house? Are you still in love with the architectural style or are you itching for something different?

Consider Your Neighborhood and Town

As a final step, think through the neighborhood you live in—if you’re moving further away, your town. What do you like about your community? Are you close enough to schools, grocery stores, or medical facilities? Are you happy with how close you are to your neighbors, the opportunities for outdoor recreation nearby, or the level of activity happening around you? Although it may have been less of an issue this year, consider your commute and the time investment it involves. Even within the same town, what community you live in can have a big effect on your lifestyle.

Making the Home-Buying Process Easy

Giving thought to each of these factors and deciding which things are most important to find in your new home will make the search much less complicated . . . and who knows, maybe Santa will help you find the perfect future home. If Santa doesn’t show up, however, reach out to Davis-Coleman Realty for all your real estate needs in Utah’s Heber Valley. We live here, too, and can use our 40 years of experience to help you find your dream home. Contact us today to help give you peace of mind and check things off your wish list.