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When people are in the market to buy property in Heber City, UT and elsewhere, what grabs their attention? Is it a cleverly crafted written description of the home or a list of its features and square footage? Those may be contributing factors, but what initially draws most people in are the listing’s pictures.

The fact is that people love pictures. Often the visual side of a property listing is what first catches our eye. Maybe it’s imagining ourselves in the space or the indescribable qualities that a picture can provide when showcasing a home.

Think about Utah commercial real estate listings and residential home listings that have caught your eye. One thing that they have in common are their professional photographs. Now imagine the listings that you brush to the side. Do they often have fuzzy or ill-lighted photos that don’t give you a clear picture of the property? Sometimes buyers won’t even consider a property because of a poor picture.

Don’t let that be your listing! Photography is one part of the real estate selling process where you shouldn’t skimp out, and here’s why.

1. Real Estate Searches Begin on the Internet

Nowadays, a large majority of home searches start online. With the easy accessibility of real estate listings on websites such as Zillow and Redfin, commercial property and home buyers can begin looking at real estate from the comfort of their laptop or mobile phone. In fact, 92% of buyers use the Internet at some point (if not exclusively) when searching for real estate listings.

If those online listings were all buyers had to decide on whether or not to make an offer, you better have impressive and professional photographs. Otherwise, most buyers will narrow down their final picks without your listing in the mix. Show them just how breathtaking your property can be in a format that catches their eye in their Internet searching.

2. Staging Assistance

Professional real estate photographers won’t just take a few pictures and call it good. They know the right camera settings and ways to edit the photo to highlight the property’s optimal look. But they can also help with staging the space.

Buyers need to be able to picture themselves in your home or commercial listing. The right photographers will know how to furnish the space in a certain way to get that perfect shot. They may even enlist the help of professional home stylists to make certain that they are capturing your real estate listing in its most favorable light.

3. Have an Advantage Over the Competition

With professional photographs, your real estate listing immediately has an advantage over competing listings that only have DIY photographs. Most buyers will notice immediately whether or not you’ve hired a professional photographer from the superior quality of images.

What this means for you is that more potential buyers will click on your listing and take the time to go through its pictures, maybe even scrolling through the rest of its details. You’ll dramatically expand your listing’s reach! The more buyers you can reach, the more chances you have of selling the property quickly.

4. Sell for More

Still need evidence that professional photography is worth it? Studies show that home listings with professionally taken and edited photos sold for $3,000 to $11,000 more than their listing price.

What you pay for a professional photographer will vary, but that large return on investment is difficult to pass up.

Sell Real Estate Sooner and For a Better Price with Professional Photography

Don’t hire just anyone to take photographs for your home or commercial real estate listing in Heber City, UT, and especially don’t resort to taking images yourself. We’re sure that you’re a fine photographer, but having someone with the right equipment, expertise, and know-how can make a world of a difference for how fast (and how much) your property sells.

Work with Davis-Coleman Realty when you’re looking to sell homes in Heber City and throughout Utah! With our market experience and available resources such as professional photography for property listings, we make sure that you sell your home sooner and at a better asking price. Get started with our Utah real estate brokers today!